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Unlock New Income By Adding Product Videos As A Service You Provide

Amazon and Shopify have given birth to Direct-To-Consumer businesses and they all have one thing in common - they need product videos multiple times a year.

Product Video School is your complete guide for learning how to make quality product videos and attracting the clients that always need them so your business goes from “Where is my next pay check” to reliable income each month.

All My Experience Creating Product Videos and Getting Clients Are In This Program That Works If You Are a Videographer That’s:

Tired of being one-dimensional and getting the same boring work.

Just getting started as a freelancer and don’t know what services to provide, let alone how to find clients.

Dealing with inconsistent income. Not sure where your next pay check will come from.

Not tapping into your full creative potential. You're ready for work that allows you to flex your creative muscles.

Tired of being underpaid or not paid at all for your work.

Not ready to give up on your dream of being self-employed and in control of your days.

If you identify with any of those statements you're in the right place and I'm going to tell you how Product Video School will give you the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to help you achieve your business goals.

What's Inside Product Video School

The demand for product videos is growing faster and faster, and in this course Quinn teaches you how she finds clients, concepts the videos, and shoots and edits them. All through a project based teaching style. All of this is done through a project based program tailored for all skill levels.

The Skills Needed to Make Product Videos

Learn how to conceptualise your shoot, setup lighting, and proper camera settings for various types of shots using green screens, fishing wire, and other around the house items.

Learn to Storyboard and Edit Your Product Videos

Learn to pitch your concept, storyboard your product video so you're efficient, and edit your video using various techniques that captivates attention and makes your video memorable.

A Strategy For Attracting
New Clients

Learn how to use your current client base and network to get product video projects. You'll also learn how to expand your network and position yourself to get new clients reaching out t you.

The Know How to Get Repeat Client Work

Learn how to build relationship, provide a great experience to go along with your video, and leverage key marketing moments to have clients coming back for more.

Confidence That You Can Earn A Living As A Videographer

Add a new service to your offering that will help you move from "Where is my next pay check" to consistent work each month and even being booked months in advance.

About Quinn Murphy

Hi, I'm Quinn! I'm a New York based digital content creator. I create all sorts of scroll-stopping social media content for brands. As a self-taught creator, I'm continuously exploring new ways to make cool stuff. Like making coffee spin using a drill or getting handbags to levitate with fishing line.

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