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1-on-1 Coaching To Help You Quickly Level Up


Step 1: Secure Your Coaching Spot (Limited Availabilty)

Fill out the payment form and secure your spot. I expect all available spots will fill up so sign up as soon as you can.

Step 2: Book Your Session & Topic

You'll receive an email to book your time and to pick your topics. Here are the following topics you can choose from (Choose 1): 

Planning Your Music Video or Providing Feedback: I want to help you transform your vision into a captivating visual story.

Building a YouTube Business: Let me show you how I monetize my channel and sell digital products effectively so you can do the same.

Growing Your Freelance Business: I will share tactics to expand your client base, increase your income, protect yourself from crazy clients, and have a better work / life balance.

Creating & Editing Educational Videos on YouTube: I’ll show you how to develop engaging and informative educational content, and shoot and edit it.

Creating & Editing Business Videos: I’ll guide you through a simple framework for producing corporate / business videos that your clients will love.

Step 3: Let's Meet

This is the best part and during the call we’ll focus on creating great art or solving issues in your creative process or business.

Bonus: Music Video Min-Masterclass

I recently created my Music Video Mini-Masterclass. It includes lessons on the following:

Introduction to Music Video Creation: An overview of the course structure and objectives.

Footage Organization: Efficient techniques for managing and preparing your footage.

Proxy Creation for Smooth Editing: How to create and use proxies for a more efficient editing workflow.

Syncing Performance Footage: Mastering the art of aligning your visuals with music.

Layered Editing Techniques: Exploring advanced editing strategies with layered footage.

Editing to the Beat: Learning how to cut footage to match the music's rhythm, enhancing the visual impact.

Incorporating B-Roll: Effectively using B-roll to add depth and context to your music videos.

Building a Complete Music Video: Step-by-step guide to crafting an entire music video from start to finish.

Applying Creative Effects and Transitions: Using visual effects and transitions to enhance the storytelling.

How To Start A Music Video: Frameworks and best practices for starting your music video so that viewers are drawn into the world you create.

Balanced Editing Approach: Techniques to avoid over-editing while maintaining a natural video flow.

Color Grading for Visual Appeal: Enhancing the aesthetic quality of your video through color correction and grading.

Effective Use of Titles: Adding and styling titles to convey information and add flair to your videos.

Exporting for Various Platforms: Final steps for preparing your music video for different viewing platforms.

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Meet Your Coach
Josh Olufemii

Josh Olufemii is a Nigerian-American content creator and music video director based in Los Angeles, California. His journey in the creative world began with a teaching stint at Santa Barbara City College, where he spent three years imparting knowledge. Transitioning from academia to digital media, Josh launched a YouTube channel that rapidly grew to over 500,000 subscribers. His mission?

To democratize the art of video production, making it accessible and understandable to a broad audience. 

Over the years, Josh has carved out a notable niche in the video production industry. His expertise and creativity have led him to collaborate with an array of industry heavyweights, including Chris Brown, Tinashe, Don Jazzy, Kel Mitchell, and Sean Kingston, among others. His work isn’t just about creating visual feasts; it’s about sharing his vast knowledge with others.The Olufemi YouTube Channel stands as a beacon for aspiring video creators and seasoned professionals alike.

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