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Easy CRT & Titles Pack
Easy CRT & Titles Pack

Easy CRT & Titles Pack

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Add The CRT Effect To Your Footage, Image, or Text In 5 Minutes or Less

When the team and I decided to make a CRT Effects pack we thought it was going to be easy and take a few days. Unfortunately…we wrong!

It took a team of 3 almost 6 weeks to fine tune this CRT Effect to where it looked perfect and realistic!

Maybe we’re just perfectionists and that’s why it took so long, but the good news is that you and 3 other VFX geniuses don’t have to spend 6 weeks going back and forth to create a realistic CRT Effect.

With this project file you only have to spend 5 minutes max!

What we learned while creating this pack is that the CRT effect looks different depending on what you’re using it for. There is no one CRT Effect to rule them all.

You have to customize the effect based on what you’re using it for.

So to make it really easy we created a specific CRT Effect for Footage and another for Titles and Text.

That means you don’t have to do much, if any customizations for your project to have the CRT Effect.

And as a bonus, we took 25 AMAZING Animated Titles and fine-tuned the CRT Effect so that it looked perfect on them.

Here’s What’s Included In The Project File:

CRT Effect For Footage
Perfect for any footage. Just drop in your footage and let the effect do the rest.

Of course you can fine tune if needed, but we think you’ll be happy with what we’ve already done for you.

CRT Text & Titles Effect
This version of the CRT Effect was fine-tuned and perfect for use on text.

And it’s compatible with most fonts. Go ahead and test it out with your favorite typeface.

25 Premade CRT Titles
We took 25 custom Animated Titles and tweaked the CRT Effect so that it fit them perfectly. Use these in your next project to add some eye-candy.

BONUS: 25 Original Title Versions
As a bonus, w e also added the original version of the 25 Animated Titles without the CRT Effect.