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Lazy Editor Bundle

Lazy Editor Bundle

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Why Work Harder When You Can Work Smarter?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about a world where video editing is as easy as making instant noodles? Well, pinch yourself, because you're not dreaming! Introducing the "Lazy Video Editor" bundle – the ultimate toolkit for those of us who love the art of editing but also cherish our precious nap times.

100 Track Matte Transitions: Because manually creating transitions is so last decade. Swipe, slide, and glide your way to a seamless video. No sweat!

Easy CRT: Want that vintage look without the vintage effort? Flick a switch, and boom! You're back in the '90s. No DeLorean required.

Impact Transitions: Make a statement without shouting. These transitions are like the exclamation points of the video world! And guess what? You don't have to craft each one.

TV Screens Pack: Remember when you had to adjust the TV antenna to get a clear picture? Neither do we. But with this pack, you can recreate those nostalgic glitches without the fuss.

VHS Glitch Pack: Ah, the good ol' VHS days when "be kind, rewind" was a thing. Get that authentic glitchy vibe without the hassle of jammed tapes.

50 Simple Text Animations: Because why spend hours animating text when you can drag, drop, and dazzle? Let your words dance, bounce, and slide without breaking a sweat.

So, if you're the kind of editor who believes in efficiency (or maybe you just really like your couch), this bundle is your spirit animal. Dive into a world where top-notch editing meets maximum laziness. And remember, it's not procrastinating if you're using the "Lazy Video Editor" bundle. It's just... efficient creativity.